Tune into the blessing of Tu B’Av, the most beautiful day of the year

Tune into the blessing of Tu B’Av, the most beautiful day of the year
Tu B’Av, the full moon in the Hebrew month of Av, is one of the most hidden, joyous and spiritually beautiful days. According to the Jewish calendar, Tu B’Av begins at sunset on SUNDAY, AUGUST 6TH and ends at sunset on MONDAY, AUGUST 7th. Unlike other Biblical holidays Tu B’Av has no ritual garments at this time in the form of mitzvot to display or publicize her beauty. Many people do not even know of her special blessings. My teacher Reb Shlomo of blessed memory used to say about holidays like Tu B’Av. The higher the holiday, the fewer people know about it and even how to celebrate and honor it.

Tu B’Av is spiritually a day of deepening our connection with the hidden light of our own soul. It is a day of opening our heart to greater love. It is a day to see through the veil of physicality to perceive Godliness, the Shechinah within all of creation. Tu B’Av is a day celebrating the rise of the feminine. Tu B’Av has even been called a Jewish Sadie Hawkins Day.
In the times of the holy Temple, the Jewish maidens would each dress in white dresses and dance before the men. They would flirt with their eyes to say ” Look at me”. In one look, marriages would be made. It was on this joyous day that people from the various tribes would meet for the purpose of marriage.
  Tu B’Av is forty days before the 15th day of Elul, the day that marks the beginning of creation. Forty days is a mystical number in Judaism. The oral teachings tell us that soul mates are called to each other forty days before their birth.
 So on Tu B’Av take a few minutes today to meditate and pray so as to receive the special vibrations and blessings of today. Tu B’Av is the time to purify your eyes to see Godliness around you. For those who are single, it is a day to call forth your soul mate energetically. For those who are blessed to be married, it is a day to gaze upon your beloved and see your beloved with the eyes and heart as you did when it was revealed to you that this person was your beloved one. Marriage to this person is a gift for your soul correction and purification.
Happy Tu B’Av. May it be a most joyous and even miraculous day. After Tu B’Av the days begin to get shorter. The weather begins to shift and the scent of fall is in the air, even though there may be more hot days ahead. All of nature including ourselves will once again turn inward. This is the natural order now.
The Jewish calendar turns on an axis of Tu B’Shevat and Tu B’Av, masculine and feminine energies. Tu B’Shevat, occurring in the winter, the full moon of the Hebrew month of Shevat, signals the flow of blessing from above, a time for expansiveness , with holidays like Passover and Shavuos. Tu B’Av, the full moon in this month of Av, signals a time for the awakening of blessing from below,  a time of turning inward. with holidays like Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succot.
 Many blessings, Melinda Mindy Ribner
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