Tune into the blessing of Tu B’Av, the most beautiful day of the year

Tu B’Av, the full moon in the Hebrew month of Av, is one of the most hidden, joyous and spiritually beautiful days. According to the Jewish calendar, Tu B’Av begins at sunset on SUNDAY, AUGUST 6TH and ends at sunset on MONDAY, AUGUST 7th. Unlike other Biblical holidays Tu B’Av has no ritual garments at this time in the form of mitzvot to display or publicize her beauty. Many people do not even know of her special blessings. My teacher Reb Shlomo of blessed memory used to say about holidays like Tu B’Av. The higher the holiday, the fewer people know about it and even how to celebrate and honor it.

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The Power of Holy Lies: A tribute to Rachel and Leah

Before I wrote “The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women: Revealing the Divine Feminine,” I secretly blamed women for creating the chaos in the world. I learned that Eve, the first women, seduced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and brought evil and death into the world. Sarah sent Ishmael and Hagar away and created the conflict in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews. There are too many biblical stories for me to recount all the damage that Biblical women caused. I did not want to identify with Biblical women as they had been presented to me.

Yet, after my extensive research into the Zohar, midrashim, along with my meditations on Biblical women, and the actual writing of “The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women”, my whole understanding of the role of women was transformed. I now saw clearly that it was the independent and courageous choices of Biblical women that actually protected and strengthened all that was good and precious in the world. Biblical women changed the world forever and should be praised.

In last week’s Torah portion, we read of Rebecca deceiving her husband to secure the blessing for her son Jacob. Rebecca had received a prophecy when her twins were in her womb that she kept secret until she took the necessary steps to secure the blessing for Jacob. Questions as to why she kept it as secret, why it was necessary for her to deceive Isaac and why Isaac wanted to bless Esau rather than Jacob are explored in my books. In my newest book “Biblical Women Who Changed the World” I even expound on Rebecca’s prophecy and its importance in understanding world events today, particularly the fate of America.

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Story and Teachings for the Days before Yom Kippur

The king gave his trusted servant a beautiful vessel to safeguard for an unknown period of time with a request that the vessel be returned to the king at a future time. Over time, the servant became careless and the vessel broke. Unable to fix it on his own, the servant ran to various people to repair the vessel so he would be able to return it whole as he had received it.

He went to the king’s top advisors who informed them they do not know how to repair the vessel. There is no recourse for him but to tell the king. The man felt too ashamed to inform the king of his carelessness. It then occurred to him that he could go to the manufacturer of vessels and explain his plight to him. He could prepare another vessel just like the one he has been given. This man also informed him that he had to go directly to the king. He could make another vessel resembling the vessel he had been given but the king would surely know the difference.Continue Reading