The meaning of the Solar Eclipse and the month of Elul

On Monday August 21st, the astrological time of the new moon, millions of people will travel distances for an optimal vantage point to witness this total eclipse of the sun. I know people in Florida who are flying to Greenville, South Carolina for a more clear view of this most awesome, unusual and once in a lifetime occurrence. For a few minutes, during this eclipse, the moon will block the light of the sun, the sky will darken during the day and the beauty of the sun’s corona will be visible. This eclipse is only visible in the United States. The last total eclipse of the sun across the United States was 1918. Continue Reading


It has been said that Yom Kippur is a day like Purim implying that Purim is higher. How could that be? Purim is a rabbinical holiday and Yom Kippur comes from the Torah. How can Purim even be compared to the holiness of Yom Kippur?
Everyone knows that Yom Kippur is one of holiest days of the year. Even Jews who are not so observant or connected to Judaism will often observe Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is a day of affliction. We fast. We do not wash. We chant the Thirteen Attributes of Divine Compassion. We are in synagogue most of the day. Continue Reading

The spiritual opportunity of this Hebrew month of Tevet

Welcome the month of Tevet. Beginning sunset on December 29th and 30th.

According to kabbalah, every month offers unique spiritual opportunities and blessings. Just as there are fluctuations in the weather, so there are changes in the spiritual energies available. Those who are attuned to these energies are aware of these changes and know how to use this knowledge for their personal growth and success.

Kabbalah divides the calendar months between Jacob and Esau. Tevet is one of the three months that belong to the other side, that of Esau. In Jewish history, Tevet has been a time of great trial to the Jewish people. As the darkest and often the coldest month of the year, Tevet brings challenges that force us to tap into our inner resources and become stronger as individuals and as a people.

Unlike the expansiveness of Kislev, the previous month, when we take steps to go forward to realize our dreams and visions, in Tevet, we uproot the remaining negative forces that keep us from realizing them. During the month of Tevet, there is a natural tendency to restrict oneself, to be prudent and focused. This is an optimal month to establish and strengthen a routine this month that truly supports your well being.Continue Reading