" In just two sessions, we learned how to open our hearts to each other and communicate from a place of compassion. The sessions helped us to remember what we had forgotten: love, patience, receptivity and compassion. We both appreciated Miriam's guidance in helping us to come together in a more loving and gentle way. "

" A new world of intimacy opened for us through the kabbalistic teachings, meditation, and wonderful guidance of Miriam Shulamit"

After years of working with people to improve the quality of intimacy in the marriage, Miriam Shulamit has developed a unique program that is individualized for couples conducted, on the phone in the privacy of your own home , in person or in workshops with other couples when Miriam Shulamit visits your community. This work is based on the wisdom and principles of kabbalistic teachings on the nature of masculine and feminine. Sessions include Kabbalistic teachings, various kinds of meditative experiences and techniques, emotional release work, dyad exercises, listening and communication skill training.

Sadly enough, many couples are not experiencing the joy and spiritual elevation possible in their marriage. Many couples are not having sexual relations as frequently as they would like. What occurs or does not occur in the bedroom affects the couple and the family for better or worse. It is not just that the demands of the day that are taking their toll on marriages, leaving people too tired to be intimate, but power struggles abound in marriages, creating pain and distance rather than joy and intimacy, co-dependency rather than passion.

Miriam Shulamit guides couples to be present with each other in a way that restores the desire and natural polarity between the masculine and the feminine. The masculine and feminine energies are within each of us, and between us, waiting to summoned to the forefront. Enjoying the dance of these energies in our primary relationship enables us to access the deepest core of our being and life itself. Sexual Relations with proper intention and consciousness is a holy spiritual practice prescribed by kabbalah .

Judaism affirms that marriage and sexual relations particularly bring a person to a higher state of holiness than abstinence. According in Kabbalah, martial relations brings wholeness and healing not only to couple but also radiates spiritual energy and healing to the world. Done with the proper intention as a spiritual practice, sexual relations provides the most powerful means for experiencing the highest revelation of Godliness available to the human being. The bedroom is considered the holy of holies . It is a mitzvah to have sexual relations on Shabbat and holidays.



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