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Workshops and Lectures around chapters in the new book, THE SECRET LEGACY OF BIBLICAL WOMEN.
A Book signing could include an introduction to why and how this book was written along with a reading of excerpts from the various chapters.

A Presentation could include one, two or even three women that will include an introduction to the woman, excerpts from the interview, discussion of the quality of the feminine each embodied, a meditative and spiritual practice associated with each woman, and time for discussion on key points. Presentations can be connected to the Torah portion of the week, and tailored to the needs and interests of participants. See below for possibilities.

Eve's Gift of Life: Secrets to Holy Intimacy (X-Rated)
Eve reveals why she really ate of the Tree along with the secrets for joy in intimacy and life for women and men.


Listen to Her Voice:  Sarah's Discernment
Sarah, mother of the Jewish people, empowers women and men to speak their inner truth. She explains her controversial action of sending Hagar and Ishmael away, and gives the formula for peace for Israel today. She also reveals the little known reason of how she really died, the secrets of how her candles burned for an entire week and much more.


Rebecca's Higher Truth:  The Art of Spiritual Deception
Is it good to lie? The Bible is the moral compass for the world, yet there are many stories in which lying and deception occur, particularly on the part of Jewish women.. Rather than condemning these actions, the rabbis applaud these heroines. The most prominent story may be that of Rebecca who deceived her husband and disguised her son to secure the blessings from the older son. In this presentation, Rebecca reveals the kabbalistic secrets of why it is sometimes necessary to lie as she did. When is telling the truth foolish? Why women resort to deceit more than men. What is her prophecy and how is her prophecy being fulfilled today?


Our Four Mothers:  Rachel, Leah, Bilha and Zilpa
Rachel and Leah were able to change reality due to power of their prayer and their tears. We can change our personal reality as well. Learn why and how Leah married Jacob and why Rachel is buried on the road and so much more. Kabbalists say special prayers for Rachel and Leah to this day. Why?

What Archetype of the Feminine are YOU?
Each of the mothers embodied a particular archetype of the feminine. Knowing which one you are will change your life. Learning to embody the other three archetypes will make you whole. Identifying the archetypes of your female friends will increase your appreciation of them.

Dina Our Heroine:  The Secrets for Overcoming Trials and Tribulation
Dina, first Jewish woman was raped! Dina reveals why bad things happen to good people and how to grow through challenge.This workshop provides a context for healing for individuals who have experienced trauma or challenge that would benefit from these teachings and the sharing available through the guided discussion.


Miriam's Faith:  Seeing Life's Potentials
As a visionary and ancient prophetess, Miriam led the women in circle dances as the Jewish people left Egypt. In so doing, Miriam revealed the secrets of the feminine for all genarations. In this presentation, Sister Miriam offers a message to women today that may surprise many.


Chana's Prayer:  Secrets of Getting Your Prayers Answered
People may wonder why their prayers are not answered. It may be that they do not know how to pray in a way that will elicit the response they want. Some prayers are simply more effective. Ancient prophetess Chana reveals the time tested secrets for meaningful and effective prayer.


Queen Esther:  Secrets of Her Beauty and Power
Esther, an orphan, rose to become the queen of the largest empire in the world and save the Jewish people. Esther reveals her secrets for her success as well as offering instruction on what needs to be done today to end war and bring peace to the world.


A Kabbalistic Review of the Journey of the Feminine For Men and Women
The Talmud explains the differences between the masculine and feminine by comparing the brilliant light of the sun to the reflective light of the moon, ever-changing, with no light of its own. The light of the feminine, human and divine, has been hidden yet has been given a unique mission to heal and transform this world into a dwelling place for the revelation of the Divine Feminine. How does this take place? There is a journey of the feminine that begins with Chava ( Eve) and culminates with Esther. Yet, the journey is not over. This is an invitation to walk on the path of those before us for men and women, to stand upon the shoulders of Biblical women to be empowered to complete their redemptive work.


Kabbalah of The Feminine For Women Only
This workshop includes meditation, singing, dancing, dyad and group processes along with kabbalistic teachings to highlight the unique spiritual gifts of women. Participants will also gain an over-all perspective of the beautiful nature of the feminine and her journey from Chava to Esther with a greater appreciation for the contributions they have made for humanity. And most importantly, participants will be empowered to follow in their footsteps to do their part in making the world a better place.


Kabbalah of Intimacy For Men and Women, Singles and Couples
This workshop is very fun and yet also quite profound. Through kabbalistic teachings and dyad exercises, men and women have an opportunity to play with the polarities between the masculine and feminine so as to increase attraction, passion and love.


Kabbalah of Healing
Long before the holistic health movement made the body mind health connection, Kabbalah offered teachings, meditative and spiritual practices to promote healing and well being. This workshop offers breathing, meditation, kabbalistic teachings, and dyad processes tailored to the individual needs of people present. Many people usually report a reduction in pain, and stress and greater clarity of purpose and focus in their lives.

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"Imaginative, bold... a treasure of Wisdom, written with great heart, prophetic vision, and passionate beauty. "
-Rabbi Shefa Gold, Author of Torah Journeys: The Inner Path to the Promised Land

" I waited my whole life for a book that would elevate women like this holy book does... offers answers to questions that we have had as well as those we did not even know how to ask.... This is must reading for every girl and woman .."
-Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum, co-author of Small Miracles series

" ... a ruach hakodesh inspired book that has the power to activate and awaken the awe, wisdom and ecstatic living force of sacred feminine energy in both women and men."
-Rabbi Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D. Author of Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment

" Melinda Ribner, one of the leading Torah teachers and guides of our time, has created a new genre..."
-Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum Author of On Wings of the Sun.


There are mysteries about the feminine within these archetypical stories of Biblical women that are not widely known and are important to know. Biblical women changed the world due to their courageous actions. This new book, 'The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women: Revealing the Divine Feminine" is unique in that it is written by a woman and offers a voice for the feminine as embodied by biblical women who tell their story from " their" perspective in a way never done before. Through the format of an interview, Biblical women not only answer questions about their lives, they personally guide us to live more authentically and courageously. As archetypes of the feminine, Biblical women identify and clarify for us the unique differences between men and women and empower us to be more of who we really are. As our collective spiritual mothers, they offer us practical guidance on love, sexuality, relationships, suffering, world events, as only a mother can do. Most importantly this book invites its readers to reclaim the hidden and powerful path of feminine spirituality that has been almost lost to women and men today.

These times beckon the feminine. Many women and men today are looking for the new paradigm beyond feminism, one that encourages the balance between the masculine and feminine that is both complementary and harmonious. Kabbalistic wisdom is an ancient yet timely road map for the spiritual transformation and peace needed now. That which we seek today has already been given. The stories of Biblical women provide keys to the rise of the feminine needed to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine.

With wars and terrorism increasing and Mother Earth erupting in tornados, floods and hurricanes, the world is quickly now realizing the limitations of masculine power to solve our problems. A call for the awakening to the wisdom and heart of the feminine has been uttered in our time throughout the world in a way never heard before. It is not enough that women have entered the marketplace to be competitive with men. It does not necessarily indicate the the feminine is more embodied within them.

As if in response from a call from the Divine Feminine Herself, hundreds of thousands of women of all faiths and backgrounds are now meeting in sacred circles to share their dreams, visions and prayer so as to bring more love and blessing to themselves and the entire world. This new book, The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women is a spiritual transmission and a powerful guidebook for facilitating and supporting the rise of the Feminine, human and divine in our world at this critical time. " Words from the heart enter the heart. " This book The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women" is a revelation of the heart of the feminine that will open the heart and be treasured by women and men, of all faiths and backgrounds.


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